Cereja Coffee Stockists

We bring to you an exclusive product, superior quality coffee entirely made in Brazil. It includes only 100% Arabica coffee (most other brands include Robusta which is a different variety), also we have our coffee experts in Brazil for the preparation of the blend and the roasting process. Our coffee comes in beans properly protected in packs with special degassing valves, which eliminates CO2 and prevent oxygen from entering. Cereja Coffee can be ordered in beans or ground, we grind the coffee according to your demand ensuring our coffee will always get fresh to you, with all the attributes of flavor and aroma intact.
Just fully matured Arabica beans are selected for our blend.
Taste: Bright Red fruits acidity, teamed with rich creamy notes, leaving a persistent caramel aftertaste.




Origin: Mogiana Paulista
Region: Circuito das Águas Paulista
Average altitude: 1100m
Harvest: Manual
Aroma: Intense with red fruit notes and caramel.
Acidity: Well-balanced
Body: Full bodied
Process: Natural
Specie: Arabica
Varieties: Mundo Novo and Catuaí
Roast: Medium
Suitability: Filter, Espresso


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