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Cereja Coffee Ground 250g

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Just fully matured Arabica beans are selected for our blend.
Taste: Bright Red fruits acidity, teamed with rich creamy notes, leaving a persistent caramel aftertaste.
Our beans are ground to order so you will always get the freshest coffee.

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Origin: Mogiana Paulista
Region: Circuito das Águas Paulista
Average altitude: 1100m
Harvest: Manual
Aroma: Intense with red fruit notes and caramel. Acidity: Well-balanced
Body: Full bodied
Process: Natural
Specie: Arabica
Varieties: Mundo Novo and Catuaí
Roast: Medium
Suitability: Filter, Espresso

Prepare an excellent cup of coffee

Brewing with paper filters is how most of brazilians brew coffee at home.All you need is a filter brewing kit consisting in a dripper, a jug, paper filters and if you want the perfect pouring tool, add a goose neck kettle.
Never let the water boil to prepare your coffee, ideally, the water should reach the maximum temperature below the boiling stage at 94°C.
Once you have your beans ground ( think of investing in a burr grinder, they are many options available and they might cost less than you imagine).
Place the paper filter on the dripper and pour some hot water to wash the filter removing any possibility of paper taste. This also pre-warms the dripper and serving jug. Add the ground coffee to the center of your filter. Slowly distribute hot water to it from center to the borders. Consume it immediately.

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